• Reminders for Completing the FY 2018 Household Report – October 18, 2018 [YouTube Video]
    This is the first of three webinars providing training for successfully completing the FY 2018 Household Report – Long Form. This webinar provides a brief 30-minute refresher on the main reporting requirements for the FY 2018 Household Report, and it is intended for experienced LIHEAP state and territory coordinators and relevant staff that have worked on completing prior year Household Reports. The webinar includes reminders of reporting rules, common reporting issues, and resources that are available to assist with completing the report.




  • Understanding LIHEAP Performance Measures - April 12, 2018 [YouTube Video]
    This one-hour Webinar examines the Performance Measures data for two representative states and demonstrates how to use the LIHEAP Performance Management Integration Guide to identify key findings from the data. The Webinar reviews real examples of how the data can be used to understand the impacts of each state’s program design, and it shows how data collected for individual households can be used in benefit determination procedures..



















Delivered Fuel Vendors Webinar – June 2015 [A link to the webinar will be added when it is posted to the ACF website]
“This webinar was conducted in 2015. The most updated information on engaging with Delivered Fuel Vendors can be found under the ‘Regional Training – 2016 tab”.


LIHEAP Virtual Library Webinar – February 2016 [PowerPoint] [A link to the ACF website will be added when available]