The materials below assist grantees with reporting Performance Measures data in required Module 2 and optional Module 3 of the LIHEAP Performance Data Form.

Current Instructions and Forms:

Resources for Calculating Statistics:

  • LIHEAP Performance Data Form - Calculations Needed for Module 2 (Performance Measures) [PDF] - This document provides a summary and examples of the calculations that are needed to report information in Module 2 of the Performance Data Form.
  • Calculator for Reporting Usage in Module 3 of the Performance Data Form [Excel Spreadsheet] – Energy usage is typically measured in different units for each fuel type. The purpose of this calculator is to help grantees convert energy usage data across all fuel types into the same common unit of millions of British thermal units (MMBtus) of source energy for reporting the usage information in Module 3 (Optional Measures) of the Performance Data Form. This allows grantees to compare usage across fuel types and to obtain an accurate "All Households" average usage value. The tool includes step-by-step instructions.