Using the Data Warehouse

The Data Warehouse contains data reported by grantees and developed by the Office of Community Services since 2001. The Data Warehouse has four different options for accessing data:

  • The Grantee Profiles (2014) tool allows you to access 1-page profiles for each LIHEAP state grantee, compiled using the Data that OCS published in the 2014 LIHEAP Report to Congress.
  • The Guided Search tool provides you with step-by-step guidance in accessing LIHEAP data and creating data reports, tables, and graphs. This tool contains information on national, regional, and state level LIHEAP program statistics.
  • The Advanced Data & Analytics tool allows you to develop and download more complex tables and graphics using LIHEAP program data reported by grantees and other data on low-income households made available by OCS.
  • The Reports by Data Source tool allows you to create standard tables and charts by selecting a specific data source, including reports submitted by LIHEAP Grantees and data made available by OCS.

Technical Support Resources

Common Issues or Questions

The font is too small. How can I increase the font size?
Hold down the Ctrl key on your computer and press the + key to increase font size and press Ctrl – to decrease font size.

How can I print or save a chart?
Click on the context menu icon icon located in the upper right corner of the chart.

Why can I see more years of data for my state than other states?
The Data Warehouse contains data from 2001-2015. However, state data is not available to all users until LIHEAP Reports to Congress are finalized each year. In years where the LIHEAP Report to Congress is not finalized, approved LIHEAP Grantee users will be able to access their own state data and will not be able to access data for other states.

Why isn’t there any Tribal or Territory data?
Currently, the Data Warehouse contains data reported by State LIHEAP grantees and developed by the Office of Community Services for each State and the District of Columbia. It is anticipated that Tribe and Territory grantee data will be added at a later date. However, all grantees (including Tribes and Territories) are encouraged to access and utilize the Performance Management website for information, resources, and learning.

Where can I provide feedback regarding this website?
Please send us a note on our feedback form.

Who do I contact if my question is not answered here?
Please send us a note and let us know. We'll respond as soon as we can.

Performance Management Resources

For specific information or resources related to LIHEAP Performance Management, please visit the Grantee Resources Section of this website, or visit the Performance Management section of the LIHEAP Virtual Library.