Welcome to the LIHEAP Performance Management Website!

This federal website provides resources, tools, and a dynamic Data Warehouse to help local program administrators, policymakers, and the public access performance management information and performance measurement data for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

LIHEAP Virtual Library

The LIHEAP Virtual Library

  • Access Reports to Congress and 1-Page Grantee Profiles

    The Reports to Congress page includes the most recent published annual LIHEAP Reports to Congress and 1-page Grantee Profiles that provide a snapshot of each Grantee's LIHEAP program using 2014 Report to Congress Data.

    The Report to Congress provides detailed national and state-level information on LIHEAP each year. This includes:

    • Fiscal Data
    • Home Energy Data
    • Household Data
    • Program Implementation Data
    • Data Collection Activities
    • Performance Measurement
    PA State Profile
  • Get Reports and Analyze Data

    The LIHEAP Data Warehouse contains data reported by grantees and developed by the Office of Community Services (OCS) since 2001. The Data Warehouse has four different options for accessing data:
    • The Grantee Profiles (2014) tool allows you to access 1-page profiles for each LIHEAP state grantee, compiled using the Data that OCS published in the 2014 LIHEAP Report to Congress.
    • The Guided Search tool provides you with step-by-step guidance in accessing LIHEAP data and creating data reports, tables, and graphs. This tool contains information on national, regional, and state level LIHEAP program statistics.
    • The Advanced Data & Analytics tool allows you to develop and download more complex tables and graphics using LIHEAP program data reported by grantees and other data on low-income households made available by OCS.
    • The Reports by Data Source tool allows you to create standard tables and charts by selecting a specific data source, including reports submitted by LIHEAP Grantees and data made available by OCS.
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  • Resources for LIHEAP Grantees

    LIHEAP Grantees can find information and resources on how to implement effective LIHEAP Performance Management Systems in the Grantee Resources page.
    • PMIWG Communications To Grantees
      In this section, grantees can find links to: newsletters, special topic briefs and notices of teleconferences that are hosted by the PMIWG Communications Committee.
    • Information For Grantees
      This section of the website includes links to the Performance Management Webinars, the Performance Management presentations at the National and Regional Training meetings and NEADA and NEUAC presentations.
    • Tools For Grantees
      Look here for forms and instructions, process manuals and best practices.
    • Requirements
      Learn what information each grantee is required to submit to OCS and when that requirement will be implemented.
    • LIHEAP Performance Management FAQ
      Find answers to common questions that grantees may have regarding the collection and reporting of Performance Measures data.
    PA State Profile
  • What's New?

    What's New in May 2018
    • The due date for the FY 2017 Performance Data Form is May 15, 2018. The Action Transmittal is available here.
    • The LIHEAP National Training takes place in Arlington, VA from May 1 to May 3, 2018. The training will include several sessions on using and understanding Performance Measures data.
    • APPRISE will be conducting a training webinar to assist grantees with Performance Management:
      • May 23, 2018 at 3 PM EDT – Strategies for Enhancing LIHEAP Performance Management. The LIHEAP Performance Measures Data collected and reported by grantees furnish a comprehensive set of information that can help grantees to develop a better the performance of their program and to identify strategies for improving their program performance. This webinar will furnish a brief review of the benefit targeting training conducted that National Training Conference and then will show attendees how their performance data can be used to examine the performance of their crisis programs, as well as other optional program elements such as Weatherization, Assurance 16, and Emergency Equipment Repair and Replacement. The webinar will last approximately 1 hour and will be recorded to be made available on YouTube.
      What's New in April 2018
      • APPRISE conducted a training webinar to assist grantees with Performance Management:
        • April 12, 2018 at 3 PM ET - Understanding LIHEAP Performance Measures Webinar. This webinar examined Performance Measures data for two representative states and demonstrated how to use the LIHEAP Performance Management Integration Guide to identify key findings from the data. The webinar reviewed real examples of how the data can be used to understand the impacts of each state's program design, and it demonstrated how data collected for individual households can be used in benefit determination procedures. The webinar is available on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Xf7Arp41_E.
      • The Performance Management Implementation Work Group (PMIWG) members continued to work with APPRISE to develop new materials to assist grantees with using and interpreting Performance Measures data.
      • A new calculator tool is available to help grantees report usage data in Optional Module 3 of the LIHEAP Performance Data Form. The purpose of this calculator is to help grantees convert energy usage data across all fuel types into the same common unit of millions of British thermal units (MMBtus) of source energy for reporting this optional data. This allows grantees to compare usage across fuel types and to obtain an accurate "All Households" average usage value. The tool can be downloaded here [EXCEL].
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